Conestoga College’s degree students can now utilize their interdisciplinary electives to complete a minor. A minor is a secondary academic discipline (another subject) you can study while completing your degree. Select a minor to complement and support your degree or simply suit your general interest in a different field of study. Although a minor is not an additional credential, it is identified on your official transcript.

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Benefits of a minor

  • Opportunity to obtain more profound knowledge in a secondary subject area of your interest
  • Improves your critical thinking and communication skills
  • Can help you stand out as a more versatile candidate in future employment opportunities
  • Shows potential employers that you are determined and can handle an additional workload

How to complete a minor

Students must complete all courses required by the minor. Students will use their program design's interdisciplinary elective course slots to take the required minor courses, therefore earning credits toward their program and the minor simultaneously.

It is essential to understand that the number of interdisciplinary electives required by your program may cover not all minor course requirements. Therefore, students may be required to take additional courses through part-time studies in their off terms or on top of their regular course load to complete a minor.

Preplanning is vital in applying your interdisciplinary electives to the minor courses. A Student Success Advisor (SSA) can help. To connect with an SSA, log in to the Student Success Portal to book an appointment or submit the Ask for Help form.

Available minors

Minors are currently offered in the Global Cultures discipline. Beginning in Winter 2023, they will also be offered in Humanities and Social Science.

Foreign Languages

Modern foreign language courses enable students to acquire a “high intermediate” language level while completing substantial studies in the society and culture of the language group. Students can achieve a minor in Chinese, French, German, or Spanish by completing levels I-IV of the same language. For expected availability, visit Planning your degree electives.