Part-time interdisciplinary electives

Conestoga College degree program students may need to take an interdisciplinary elective in part-time status if:

  • they need to retake an interdisciplinary elective course due to unsuccessful completion in a past term.
  • they missed taking their interdisciplinary elective in a past term.
  • the Course Add Deadline for full-time interdisciplinary elective options has passed.
  • they want to take an interdisciplinary elective in advance of the designated level to lessen their future course load.
  • they are taking the course on a Letter of Permission for completion of a degree program at another institution.

Please note: courses taken through part-time studies are subject to course fees. The fee is not included in full-time tuition.

How to register

Conestoga College degree students

Students registering for spring 2024 interdisciplinary electives in a part-time student status must register through Part-time studies (day courses) registration. Registration begins May 6, 2024 and students can begin submitting the Part-time Studies Course Registration Form on April 29.

The academic team will review the request to determine eligibility for registration, that the course has the capacity, and no timetable conflict exists.

If approved: the academic team will forward the form to the Registrar’s Office for processing. The Enrolment Officers will add the invoice through held enrolment on the Student Portal and students will be given 48 hours to pay for the course(s). It is the student's responsibility to check the portal for registration updates and to complete the payment process.

If denied: the academic coordinator/academic team will respond to the student via email and communicate the rationale. (e.g. no space/course not offered/individual not a degree student).

Other students

  1. Complete the Request to Register in a Conestoga Degree Course Registration Form (pdf).
  2. Email the form to the Credit Transfer Office 3-4 weeks in advance of the course start date to allow for processing.


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