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Civil Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op)

Program details

Credential: 3-Year Ontario College Advanced Diploma

This three-year program provides the student with career opportunities in the broad field of civil engineering at the engineering technologist level. The curriculum is designed to provide a balanced education in civil engineering technology, catering to students' special interests by means of a major project in the third year. Theory is augmented by practical work in the laboratories and in the field. Practical technical exposure also includes visits to key municipal facilities (e.g. water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant), and visits to current construction projects. The curriculum permits the student a wide selection of subjects in general education to enrich his/her technical education.

Graduates of this program are qualified to seek employment in engineering offices in the areas of design and detailing, estimating construction costs, field inspection, coordinating construction schedules, field surveys, soil exploration, construction supervision, and laboratory testing of soils and construction materials.

Student availability & wage data

Conestoga College facilitates recruitment on an ongoing basis - there are no hard deadlines. Typical time frames for work terms are listed below.

Postings are accepted beginning four months before the start of a term until all students have secured employment provided the minimum 12 consecutive weeks of full-time work is met.

Work/Study Sequence

Year Fall (Sept - Dec) Winter (Jan - Apr) Spring (May - Aug)
Year 1 Classes Classes Work Term 1: $17-25
Year 2 Classes Classes Work Term 2: $18–27
Year 3 Classes Classes

Conestoga College collects data on hourly wages of co-operative education students and offers suggested ranges as a service to employers for the purpose of establishing fair and competitive compensation.

Our experience has been that employers increase wages as skills increase, particularly when employing students for more advanced work terms. The Co-operative Education Office can provide assistance to employers in establishing appropriate wage rates.

Work term capabilities

Specific skills and abilities that students are typically capable of performing during a given work term are listed below.

Work term 1

  • Assist with the surveying of a number of professional consulting service projects that include municipal drains, bridges, roads, storm-water management, sanitary sewage, and subdivisions
  • Prepare simple drawings using CAD
  • Perform tests on soils such as sieve analysis, compaction testing, and soil type identification
  • Perform tests on concrete including slump and cylinder compression tests
  • Assist in preparing cost estimates for construction and environmental remediation projects
  • Perform traffic control duties for "on road" construction projects

Work term 2

  • Prepare advanced CAD drawings
  • Participate as a member of a survey crew performing layout and topographic surveys
  • Perform detailing on municipal drawings which include curb layout, road layout, storm and sanitary sewer layout and working drawings for the construction industry using CAD
  • Assist in the engineering design of wood, concrete, and steel structures
  • Produce reinforcing steel (re-bar) shop drawings
  • Assist in the design of light wood trusses
  • Perform field inspection duties on construction projects

Sample job titles

Work term 1:
  • Entry level position as CAD Drafter/Designer
  • Surveying Assistant
  • Materials Technician (soils, asphalt or concrete)
  • Estimator and Quantity Takeoffs
  • Construction Inspector
Work term 2:
  • Surveying Crew
  • Site Inspector
  • Field Technician
  • Field Inspector
  • Shop Drawing Designer
  • CAD Designer

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