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Program Advisory Committees

The purpose of a Program Advisory Committee (PAC) is to provide advice and guidance to the institution’s academic team on existing programs or new programming opportunities.

The role of a PAC is to identify and provide input on three essential elements that facilitate a strategic outlook to the program. These include:

  • Workforce/Industry/Business trends
  • Curriculum relevance and enhancing the learning experience
  • Student/Graduate success and continued professional learning

Each element supports Conestoga’s Strategic Mandate as well as Conestoga’s Mission for the benefit of students.

For more information on becoming a Program Advisory Committee member please contact:


Investing in Conestoga is a great way to make a lasting impact on the quality of our programs and services and the training of our community's future workforce.

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Applied research

As Conestoga grows its research programs within the institution and the local community, we continue to develop new opportunities for all our stakeholders.

Visit our Applied research site to discover how Conestoga's research teams can help your company access the latest advances in industrial and communications technology and processes.