Co-op program details

Mechanical Engineering Technician - Automated Manufacturing (Co-op)

Program details

Credential: 2-Year Ontario College Diploma

This two-year program is designed to give students a broad exposure to mechanical engineering technology. Emphasis is placed on manufacturing aspects of engineering, using standard procedures, computer graphics and related computer-based analyses. Relevant aspects of manufacturing processes and materials are covered to facilitate an understanding of the integration between design and manufacturing. Graduates of this program are prepared for employment in areas such as manufacturing support, CNC programming, quality assurance, product installation and testing, technical sales and other production-related areas.

Student availability & wage data

Conestoga College facilitates recruitment on an ongoing basis - there are no hard deadlines. Typical time frames for work terms are listed below.

Postings are accepted beginning four months before the start of a term until all students have secured employment provided the minimum 12 consecutive weeks of full-time work is met.

Work/Study Sequence

Year Fall (Sept - Dec) Winter (Jan - Apr) Spring (May - Aug)
Year 1 Classes Classes Work Term 1: $17-20.50
Year 2 Classes Work Term 2: $18–22 Classes

Conestoga College collects data on hourly wages of co-operative education students and offers suggested ranges as a service to employers for the purpose of establishing fair and competitive compensation.

Our experience has been that employers increase wages as skills increase, particularly when employing students for more advanced work terms. The Co-operative Education Office can provide assistance to employers in establishing appropriate wage rates.

Work term capabilities

Specific skills and abilities that students are typically capable of performing during a given work term are listed below.

Work term 1

  • Computer literate with Windows, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Provide assistance to engineering teams on fundamental problems extracting information from manuals, interpreting drawings and standards
  • Conduct materials testing (tensile, hardness)
  • Perform static analysis
  • Prepare engineering drawings using AutoCAD and SolidWorks, applying both traditional dimensioning and geometric tolerances, intermediate modelling skill level using SolidWorks
  • Familiar with machine shop practices
  • Program in Visual Basic
  • Perform hydraulic and pneumatic circuit design

Work term 2

  • Familiar with manufacturing processes
  • Model more complex parts and assemblies using 3D CAD software (SolidWorks)
  • Perform materials testing and analysis
  • Work with Quality Control and ISO 9000
  • Design jigs and fixtures
  • Program CNC machines using manual techniques and/or MasterCAM 2D

Sample job titles

Work term 1:
  • CAD/CAM Operator
  • Engineering Assistant
  • Junior Mechanical Detailer
Work term 2:
  • Junior Manufacturing Technician
  • Materials Tester
  • Quality Assurance Assistant

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Contact information

Do you need help developing a recruitment plan or job posting, accessing wage information, or connecting with a talented co-op student? Contact:

Melissa Deneault
Employer Relations Consultant
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