Student Financial Services

Please note: The recent technical issue with the Student Portal not updating student OSAP information has been resolved. Students with an OSAP entitlement should see this information reflected on the Student Portal. Due to the backlog, our system will be processing this information throughout the day. Please continue to check the Student Portal for account updates relating to OSAP.

For students receiving OSAP funding, the Student Portal will reflect "OSAP" as the payer for some or all of their tuition, based on their individual assessment. The tuition due date will be deferred to September 21st for the portion of the tuition being covered by OSAP. This will update automatically once the following has been completed:

  • Your invoice has been confirmed, on the Student Portal.
  • You have selected that you are an OSAP student on the Student Portal.
  • You have paid your deposit; you can make a payment online on the Student Portal.
  • You have completed your OSAP application and you have an assessment on your account.

OSAP will send the tuition portion of the funding directly to the school and any remainder will be sent to your bank account. If your OSAP funding is not enough to cover your tuition, you are responsible to pay the outstanding amount.

The Confirmation of Enrolment will happen automatically closer to the start of your study period. Once the college has confirmed your enrolment with OSAP, your funding will be released. Funding takes approximately 7-10 business days to be deposited to the Student Portal and bank account.

Please check your OSAP application in the OSAP Portal to ensure that all documentation has been submitted.

Financial planning is an integral part of your post-secondary studies. Once you've made your decision to attend Conestoga you have to plan for the financial resources you will need to be successful.

Remember, you are making a valuable investment in your future and Student Financial Services can help you by providing you with options to finance your post-secondary education.

Customer Service Standards

Student Financial Services endeavours to deliver timely and efficient service. To learn more, review our customer service standards.

Location and Hours of Operation

Please note: Due to COVID-19, Student Financial Services is working remotely and is not available on campus. Please contact us by email, listed below.

Student Financial Services is located on the main floor of the Welcome Centre beside the Registrar's office.

Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Contact us by email:

Our mailing address is:

Student Financial Services
Welcome Centre
Conestoga College
299 Doon Valley Drive
Kitchener, ON N2G 4M4