Fall 2021 update

Due to COVID-19, all elective courses will be delivered off campus through the following means:

  • Remote: Remote courses have the benefit of both face-to-face with the course professor (over Zoom) and online learning. Students will be scheduled into a set meeting time (minimum of 1 hour) to meet online as a class. The remaining course hours will be completed online, with students setting their own academic schedules to meet course deadlines.
  • Online: Online courses do not have any set meeting times (asynchronous). Students set their own academic schedules to meet the course deadlines. The professor will give written feedback and guidance on course work.

Electives provide graduates with the skills and knowledge to succeed in all life paths, not just in their chosen career field.

Elective courses cultivate critical and creative thinking skills, civic engagement and knowledge of the broader world of arts, culture and science.

Become an engaged citizen, aware of yourself and the world around you, confident, curious and ready to make your mark.

Our requirements follow mandates from the Ministry of Colleges and Universities' Framework for Programs of Instruction (pdf) and the Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board’s (PEQAB) Manual for Public Organizations.

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General Education Electives

General Education electives

All diploma students must complete a minimum of three General Education electives.
Interdisciplinary Electives

Interdisciplinary electives

All degree students must complete a minimum of 20 per cent of education outside their discipline of study.
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