Complete your registration

Welcome new international students

The following steps are required to register and access your timetable on the Student Portal.

How to complete your registration

Watch our video on steps to complete your registration. Steps are also listed below in the registration checklist.


Registration checklist

Provide proof of visa approval

Provide proof of study permit approval on the Registration Portal. If you have already submitted your study permit information through email or OCAS, you are still required to complete this step.

If you are currently in Canada :

  • Upload a copy of your Study Permit that you received at the Canadian border when you arrived

If you are outside of Canada but will arrive before the start of classes:

  • Upload a copy of your Passport Request Letter (PPR), Letter or Introduction (LOI), or visa issued by Immigration Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC)
  • Enter the UCI number listed on your approval document - should begin with 11-xxxx-xxxx.
  • Enter the expiry date indicated on your approval document.
  • Read and complete the declaration.

Note: A valid study permit is the only document accepted and is required to start your program. If you have uploaded one of the following visa documents – Passport Request (PPR), Visa, or Letter of Introduction (LOI) to complete registration, your study permit MUST be uploaded to the portal as soon as you arrive but NO LATER than the first day of class.

Update your address in the Student Portal

If you are outside of Canada:

  • do not update your address to a Canadian address until you have arrived in Canada

If you are in Canada:

  • update your “Local” address with your Canadian address. If you do not have a Social Insurance Number (SIN), please be sure to check the box that says “I do not have a SIN". You won’t be able to save your address if you do not check this box.

Ensure your tuition payment has been received by the college

You will know if it has been received if you can see it in the Student Portal under “Financial”. If required, pay any outstanding fees online.

Confirm your invoice

You must make your payments and confirm your invoice each term. Once you pay your fees and upload your ONE Card photo you will be able to view your timetable. If your program has course-based registration, you will need to build your timetable.


Upload your ONE Card photo

Your ONE Card serves as your student identification card. Upload your photo and learn more about receiving your card.

Note: If you have completed all of these steps and still can’t see your timetable within 24 hours, please email

Course-based registration

If your program is a course-based registration program, you will be required to build your own timetable. Visit Course-based registration for instructions.

Submit proof of vaccination

Proof of vaccination can be uploaded online or through the Conestoga Mobile Safety App. Visit vaccines for more information.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Read and understand Conestoga’s Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy (pdf).

Get started

Visit the International Getting Started web page for next steps.